As I was thinking of how to set up my room at school this year, I decided I would have a Sleep No More shelf! I won’t be able to visit my favorite hotel very much for the next 10 months or so, especially for the next month while I study to take the LSATs, I cannot allow myself to spend so much time not being anxious and nervous about my impending test. With this shelf, I have a little bit of the hotel for me to see every day. I miss it dearly. If anyone wants to mail me goodies from inside the hotel, ask box me for my address. I promise I will return the generous favor with a hug, a drink, and anything else I can muster.  From left to right, top to bottom.

minor spoilers

  • Film - The detective agency. Of my design. Hard to see, but it’s there!
  • Mask - Littered with kisses and a ink’d palm via Annabella. From one of the best nights at the hotel I’ve ever had.
  • Bag of herbs - Courtesy of Annabella (a to-be recurring theme) filled with lemon grass, roses, other goodies, and of course, a shell or two.
  • McKittrick Postcard - Given to us with the check at our second night at Gallow Green, courtesy of our good friend Dante.
  • Potion - A special and specific potion made by Annabella and myself. Contains two images to symbolize my sweetheart, Emily, and I tied together, linking us forever. Who ever said you can’t get married in the Manderley Bar?
  • McKittrick box o’ goodies (See close up) - The content of this box includes a feather from Malcolm, a wilted flower from the lady on the roof, a locket for protection from Agnes, a black marble and dragon’s blood from Annabella, a piece of lavender from the plant my friends and I planted in one of the plants in Gallow Green, and a note ripped to shreds by Hecate.
  • Ace Playing Card Print - I spent entirely too much money on that.
  • My handprint on McKittrick hotel stationary - Used to read my palm by, of course, Annabella (dated 1939).
  • Wooden Branch - A piece of a branch given to me on my birthday by, you guessed it, Annabella. This branch if from the oldest tree on the island of Manhattan, known as Hangman’s Elm, located in the northwest corner of Washington Square Park. Imagine how many people walk by this tree every day and have no idea.
  • "The Mckittrick hotel" book - A must have for any Sleep No More fan. It makes a wonderful holiday gift for friends and family.
  • 6 (7 including the one on the box) Room Keys - My oldest one in the front. I had not known were that was until I recently cleaned out an old wallet. Oh, the things you find when you clean.
  • Ship - A wooden models ship I’ve had since I was 7. I bought it at an art store who sold exclusively convict made art. Mighty interesting. It certainly fits the motif.
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